Medaro Spodumene Processing Technology Produces High-Purity Lithium Carbonate

Readily formed Li2CO3 is 99.91% pure

VANCOUVER, BC (February 10, 2022) —Medaro Mining Corp. (CSE: MEDA) (OTC: MEDAF) (FWB: 1ZY) (“Medaro” or the “Company”), a multi-faceted organization featuring an innovative spodumene processing technology and a cleantech mineral exploration and mining program, is pleased to report a major advance in its goal to develop a much more cost-effective method for manufacturing commercial grades of spodumene-sourced, high-value lithium, aluminum and silicon materials.

Subsequent to the recent proof of concept announcement of January 13, 2022, the Company has proceeded to successfully demonstrate 100% extraction of both Li and Al from spodumene. Now, the emphasis of bench-scale laboratory work has shifted to Li, Al and Si compound—Li2CO3, LiOH, Al (OH)3 and SiO2—crystallization, separation and purification. As one piece of evidence that this is being done very quickly, it can now be reported that an Li-rich process intermediate has been converted to 99.91% pure Li2CO3, and follow-on work is being conducted to explore the possibility of synthesizing Li2CO3 that is ≥99.99% pure.

Furthering the Company’s ability to achieve prototype-scale demonstrations, a custom-designed item of equipment built to dramatically advance testing capabilities is scheduled for delivery by the end of February. The apparatus will afford the opportunity to perform bench-scale laboratory tests at temperatures to 300 °C, and at pressures as high as 10 atmospheres, which together will greatly accelerate progress in the current phase of technology development.

It’s also noteworthy that the Medaro technical team has expanded its bench-scale testing to include samples of spodumene concentrate received from active and prospective lithium producers. The purpose of this work is to demonstrate the applicability of the Medaro technology to all types and grades of spodumene concentrate produced around the world.

James G. Blencoe, Ph.D., CTO and lead developer of the JV technology notes, “The results of our bench-scale laboratory tests continue to exceed expectations, and further bolster our ambitious commercial goals. Most importantly, the overarching aim of developing a spodumene processing technology that is at least 30-50% cheaper than incumbent methods remains on track—one key reason for this being that the compound purification methods under development leverage scalable efficiencies designed to meet specific strategic economic targets. In addition, as previously emphasized, the co-production of high-value by-products will go a long way toward offsetting Li2CO3/LiOH manufacturing costs.”

Michael Mulberry, CEO of Medaro Mining states, “The data from Dr. Blencoe’s team is fantastic news and we are thrilled by the rapid results that have been forthcoming. One indicator of the progress being made is that the first item of prototype-scale equipment was purchased on February 4th, and once in place it will be used to demonstrate the Medaro process at a greater scale, which will be a critical step in guaranteeing the future commercial success of the project work. Blencoe’s testing program is well designed and has been carried out very efficiently. If the next phase of his work goes as smoothly as the initial one, it can be anticipated that all of Medaro’s spodumene processing goals will be met or exceeded.”


Michael Mulberry, CEO
Medaro Mining Corp.

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