Medaro Spodumene Processing Technology Enters Advanced Stage of Development

Success in producing high-purity Li2CO3 followed by success in recovering Al(OH)3

VANCOUVER, BC (April 14 2022) —Medaro Mining Corp. (CSE: MEDA) (OTC: MEDAF) (FWB: 1ZY) (“Medaro” or the “Company”), a multi-faceted organization featuring an innovative spodumene processing technology and a cleantech mineral exploration and mining program, is pleased to report that its spodumene processing technology has progressed to a more advanced stage of development in the bench-scale production of high-purity Li, Al and SiO2 materials.

After confirming the ability to crystallize 99.98% pure Li2CO3 from spodumene-sourced Li (see the Medaro news announcement of March 17, 2022), the focus of Medaro laboratory work has shifted to isolating Al-rich liquid and solid materials, and subsequently treating them chemically, the ultimate goal being to enable eventual volume production of one or more commercial grades of Al(OH)3 and/or Al2O3. Significantly, in these new efforts, several important discoveries have already been made.

James G. Blencoe, Ph.D., CTO and lead developer of the JV technology states, “The overarching aim of the Medaro project is to develop the capability to recover Li, Al and SiO2 from spodumene concentrates of widely varying mineralogical and chemical purity. In this undertaking I’ve strongly recommended the use of closed-loop cycles in the chemical stages of the spodumene processing circuit—these “recirculation patterns” involving, first, the consumption of one or more processing intermediates (various liquids, solids and/or gases), and subsequently, regeneration of all of these materials in operational steps that follow. Recognizing that as a sound strategy in developing a new chemical process, it’s also true that once a set of candidate closed-loop cycles has been identified, it’s then important to minimize the total number of cycles, and ensure that each cycle proceeds rapidly, with a near-100% yield of the desired reaction product(s). When optimized to a high degree, these steps link to reduced material requirements, minimal waste production, a smaller factory footprint, and lower overall energy consumption—all of which, in their own way, lead to cost reductions that enhance manufacturing profitability.”

Michael Mulberry, CEO of Medaro Mining notes, “We are extremely pleased with our progress thus far as we enter advanced stages of development on our lithium extraction technology. Results to date have been very promising and shifting our focus to isolating Al-rich liquid and solid materials further demonstrates our commitment to not only create a process that can benefit and improve lithium mining exploration, but to create a process that is environmentally friendly.”


Michael Mulberry, CEO
Medaro Mining Corp.

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