March 16, 2023 – Vancouver, BC – Medaro Mining Corp. (CSE: MEDA) (OTC: MEDAF) (FWB: 1ZY) (“Medaro” or the “Company”), a multi-faceted venture aimed at developing an innovative spodumene processing technology concurrent with its lithium focused exploration in Canada, is pleased to announce that it has narrowed down the search for a U.S. location to build its first pilot plant.  The Company is carefully evaluating sites in Tennessee, North Carolina and Georgia, states that were chosen for their proximity to burgeoning markets for lithium.  Additionally, each of these states has a robust infrastructure and a skilled workforce, making it entirely suitable for Medaro pilot plant construction, operation and maintenance.

The Company’s innovative spodumene conversion technology has the potential to revolutionize the industry, and the pilot plant will play a critical role in demonstrating its commercial viability.

Medaro has commenced purchasing equipment for the pilot plant and has tentative plans for buildout in Q3/Q4 of this year. The Company is committed to working with local communities and authorities to ensure that the project is developed in an environmentally responsible manner.

“We are excited to have narrowed down the search for our U.S. pilot plant location and are pleased to be considering three states that have robust infrastructures and skilled workforces,” said Faizaan Lalani, President of Medaro.  “We will continue to investigate the relative merits of potential sites as we move forward in selecting the final location for our pilot plant.”

Other companies such as Piedmont Lithium Inc. and Albemarle Corporation have already announced plans to produce spodumene-sourced lithium in Tennessee and North Carolina, with strong financial support (US$141.7M for Piedmont Lithium and US$150M for Albemarle) coming from U.S. Department of Energy grants received as part of the President’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law to expand domestic manufacturing of batteries for electric vehicles (EVs) and the electrical grid.

This is an exciting time for Medaro Mining Corp. and the lithium industry as a whole.  The Company looks forward to updating stakeholders on the progress of the pilot plant as it moves forward.

On Behalf of the Board of Directors, 

Faizaan Lalani
President & Director

About Medaro Mining Corp.

Medaro Mining Corp. is a lithium exploration company based in Vancouver, BC. and holds options over the Darlin, Rapide, Lac La Motte and the CYR South lithium properties in Quebec; and the Yurichson Uranium property in the Athabasca basin in Saskatchewan. The Company is also involved in the development and commercialization of a new process to extract lithium from spodumene concentrate through its Global Lithium Extraction Technologies joint venture..

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