Medaro Hard Rock Lithium Extraction Process Achieves Highest Performance To Date

Company reports significant commercial grades and laboratory quantities of byproducts that may offset the costs of lithium production

VANCOUVER, BC (December 6, 2021) —Medaro Mining Corp. (CSE: MEDA) (OTC: MEDAF) (FWB: 1ZY) (“Medaro” or the “Company”), a multi-faceted mineral explorer and joint venture (JV) partner with Global Lithium Extraction Technologies Inc., is pleased to report on recent performance gains regarding the venture’s innovative clean extraction technology which positively impact the overall cost-effectiveness of the company’s lithium production method.

Medaro’s primary developmental objective is to produce spodumene concentrates of greater mineralogical purity, and to increase the yield of lithium from a spodumene concentrate of any mineralogical purity. Additionally, the Company aims to lower the costs of extracting lithium from a spodumene concentrate, as well as manufacture high-value byproducts from the aluminum and silicon present in spodumene, all as a means to offset overall production costs.

As recently reported, the Medaro process is a thermochemical solvent extraction technique designed to rapidly manufacture lithium carbonate (Li2CO3) and/or lithium hydroxide (LiOH) from a variety of spodumene (LiAlSi2O6)-rich concentrates. Previous results which indicated consistent 90% recovery of lithium and 30% recovery of aluminum have now been surpassed, with Medaro very pleased to announce currently validated recovery rates between 95 and 100% for both elements.

With these promising extraction percentages, the underlying economics come into play based on the manner of production and resultant byproduct quantities. Functionally, in the Medaro process, spodumene and carbon dioxide react to form separate masses of lithium carbonate, alumina, and silica. The operative “ideal” chemical reaction for this transformation is 2LiAlSi2O6 + CO2 → Li2CO3 + Al2O3 + 4SiO2. When this reaction goes to completion, it can be shown that production of 1 tonne of lithium carbonate results in coproduction of 1.380 tonnes of alumina and 3.253 tonnes of silica, both potentially at commercial grades.

The formation of such large relative amounts of alumina and silica holds great intrinsic benefit to Medaro, considering that both of these industrial minerals are vitally important in global commerce. This circumstance raises the possibility that sales of these byproducts could completely offset the costs of processing spodumene concentrates by the Medaro method – and in view of this, its achievement has become a key part of Medaro’s work to further develop its spodumene processing technology. The strategies being applied to reach successful outcomes are to produce the alumina and silica in a state of high purity, and to ensure that their structural forms meet the specifications of lucrative commercial markets.

Company President, Faizaan Lalani, advises, “We are thrilled by the latest reports showing significant increases in lithium extraction, alongside excellent prospects for production of high-grade alumina and silica. Given the utility and value of the latter materials, our economic models are indicating we may be rapidly approaching a break-even cost to produce lithium.”

“When you combine our low-temperature processing method with the capability of deploying the technology to remote areas directly adjacent to mine sites, our overall economic metrics are poised to become the single most cost-effective means to process spodumene concentrates regardless of source or location.” Lalani continues, “As each step of our R&D moves us forward, we are increasingly confident that our partners, stakeholders, future clients, and shareholders will be increasingly impressed with the results of our efforts.”


Faizaan Lalani
President & Director

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